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Spread The Word

There are lots of ways you can spread the word!


  • Click on 'In my life' and share your Golden Rule stories. A 'Golden Rule Story' will illustrate how the Golden Rule has been involved in your life. Or, how  a situation in your life would have or did benefit from using it. 

  • Donate and receive a laminated card like this with the Golden Rule from all the world's major it to your friends. Talk about it!                                                                                 


  • We are organizing a 'Sales Brigade' to start by selling Golden Rule Project T-shirts, caps and scarves at local Markets and Fairs. Join our 'Sales Brigade'  and earn money while spreading the word. Email us for more information. 

  • If you become part of the Golden Rule Project's Sales Brigade in addition to spreading the word and earning money while you do it, you will receive voting rights on which organizations will receive our support.



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