The scarves pictured below were designed by art students throughout the country and they are the winners of the contest the Golden Rule Day Project sponsored.  They will be available for sale soon.  If you would like to reserve one (or many), please fill out the form below and tell us which ones you would like.

*Please indicate the style number and number of scarves you want to reserve in the message box below.

Artist: Katherine Barron from Savannah College of Art and Design

Note: The design has the Golden Rule from the Yoruba religion (Nigeria), "One going to take a pointed stick to pinch a baby bird, should first try it on himself to feel how it hurts."

Artist Comment: In his mouth the baby bird holds the pointed stick used to pinch him. His left wing is an abstract pink ribbon (the pink ribbon of peace). Surrounding him are the words of the Nigerian Golden Rule. In the middle of the design is a gold/yellow square to symbolize the Golden Rule. My concept was to simply create a beautiful design.


35” square, silk/cotton blend. $29.99 No. 2012/7-1

Artist: William Psinka from San Diego

Artist Comment: The hallmark of the world's 11 religions/spiritual practices, scripted in this design, is peace. Our centuries old stained glass window art exemplifies these "Golden Rules" with images of the dove, symbol of love, spirit, peace as well as the sun, symbol of birth, rebirth and a new dawn of spiritual enlightenment. The addition of modern doves in flight at the corners contrast with the more stoic central dove suggesting that these Golden Rules, while not new, when lived, can and will bring about world peace.

35” square, silk/cotton blend. $29.99 No. 2012/7-2

Artist: Sarah Crystal from Academy of Art, San Francisco

Artist Comment: I chose to represent the symbols of different religions in the color blue to represent peace and place them in a setting of the sky that we all share no matter our religious beliefs.
Note: the design has the Golden Rule from all the world’s religions all around the border.

12” x 66”, silk/cotton blend. $19.99 No. 2012/7-3

17” x 74”, silk/cotton blend. $29.99 No. 2012/7-3A

Artist: My Dinh, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia, My Dinh is originally from Saigon, Vietnam. 

Artist Comment:  I intended to create a beautiful design from my watercolor painting in which the Golden Rule is presented in the most illuminating form. Flowers are one of the universal means of celebration. Here they are meant to celebrate the altruism in human religions and human cultures. 

12” x 66”, silk/cotton blend. $19.99 No. 2012/7-4

17” x 74”, silk/cotton blend. $29.99 No. 2012/7-4A

Golden Rules Scarves

The pattern on the scarves above consists of the Golden Rule as it appears in the tenets of thirteen world religions.

Sacred Silks Original Golden Rule Scarf - 12” x 66”, 100% silk satin. $24.99 No. 2012/7-5R

Sacred Silks Original Golden Rule Scarf - 12” x 66”, 100% silk satin. $24.99 No. 2012/7-5R

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