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The Golden Rule Day Project is a not-for-profit organization
dedicated to putting an end to intolerance by popularizing the Golden Rule,
the act of  people treating each other as they would want to be treated, in the belief that starting with one person at a time, this basic act will change human behavior for the better.

Golden Rule Day Petition

If you believe the practice of the Golden Rule, the simple, ethical act of people treating each other as they want to be treated can make the world a better place, please sign this petition to create a national Golden Rule Day to be held every April 5th. 

A day, when all across America we come together in celebration and on a grand scale bring attention, awareness and recognition to how the Golden Rule enriches all who practice it.

Golden Rule Poster

Receive this Golden Rule poster as a gift with a $25 donation.

Golden Rule Poster

Listen to Pope Francis' prayer for peace and justice among people of different faiths...

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